Drop Off in Numbers

Robert Chaffe Robert.Chaffe at nre.vic.gov.au
Mon Dec 6 15:35:50 PST 1999

I think we have to be careful when we look at an open space event to keep
the basic law of two feet in mid.

A "drop off" may be for many reasons but it is clear that the individual
has made a choice of where they would rather be at that time.

Rejoice in the fact that those individuals were empowered to make a choice
to leave the group, such a choice is not easy to make these days.

We should ask who's space is it?

If it is the participants, be prepared to be surprised

It is difficult for me when others choose not to be part of something I
think is important but I must respect their choice.

At this time of Advent I look to the hope that grows from opening space for
myself and others.  In our prayers and reflections may we be inspired to


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