Drop Off in Numbers

Murli Nagasundaram rismurli at cobfac.boisestate.edu
Mon Dec 6 08:10:03 PST 1999

Hi all

I did a two day OS the week before last for a conference. Very powerful,
with the group of 50 or so wanting to continue with OS for next year's
events. However I too got a drop off (about 10).

While I did'nt pose the specific question I had overwhelming feedback
starting at the end of day one and going through to the end of the OS that
people where experiencing passion overload - they loved the process, the
topics and the interaction - but their passion was burning them out. On
reflection I'm going to put in longer lunches as a start. I've just had a
three day Buddhist retreat and it was very intense but there were huge
breaks throughout the day which worked well with the intensity level
(Morning session of 1 hour then 1.5 hrs for breakfast, 3 hrs for lunch, 1.5
hours for dinner and a final 1 hour session).

I think other people's responses to the affect that there are a number of
factors involved is on target.

Andrew Donovan

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