Self-organizing systems

Harrison Owen owen at
Mon Aug 23 04:04:26 PDT 1999

>Opening Space for Inspired Performance." I am still lobbying you to simply
>call it the Open Space Organization. This is simpler. Then people who really
>are passionate about the current concepts of self organization can get
>excited when they get to that part, and others who get excited about Spirit
>can get excited about that part, and those who know that the two are really
>about the same thing can also get fulfilled. You have tackled a hard subject
>and done an excellent job, final edit not withstanding. I just think your
>book is really about the Open Space Organization and none of us really knows
>why it works. I think we can say that we observe self organizing within the
>context of the Open Space event. I think we can say that there are moments
>of self organizing within the Open Space Organization. I think too that we
>have seen inspired performance. I am not sure that inspired performance and
>the self organizing system are one and the same. Although both and are
>elements of some bigger unknown mystery. Of life.  How's that for lobbying
Open Space Organization is doubtless the subject, but unfortunately the
vast majoprity of people on the planet would not have a clue what that
might mean, and therefore little inclination to read, and less to buy...

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