Self-organizing systems

Denis Hitchens denisch at
Sun Aug 22 16:08:36 PDT 1999

Owen thanks for the correspondence.

Back to my questions about pre-conditions.

If self-organisiing is happening all the time, and I seem to gather that you
say that quite often, then what is role of pre-conditions?


I am with you on the potential confusion of spirit.  Could this be from some
potential ambiguity of our own spirit vis-a-vis some perceived  external
interferring yet claimed-to-be-noninterferring Spirit.

It seems to me that inappropriate use of the word spirit leads to a
reflection of super-natural supervision.

The PaterNoster project

Recently I have been engaged with a few colleagues considering the christian
universal prayer  --  the Our Father.

Prompted by a phrase from Pope John Paul's "Agenda for the the Third Millenium":

"The seven petitions of the Our Father is sufficient prayer for all."

I had never seen the prayer as petition;  must have moved into recital mode
at "Hallwed be thy name"  and seeing that as praise and adoration.  But as a
petition it becomes "I hope/pray that the world hallows thy name"  rather
than an affirmation that I do.

But then it becomes interesting because we put it all on to Him.  Give us
this day our daily bread  !!  Lead us not into temptation  !!

In fact this was my starting point:-  When has God ever led anyone into
temptation ??

But what of our responsibility.  --  Whose spirit?

So we have commenced reflection of re-wording it to reflect our
responsibility,  we're to blame not Him.

Give us this day our daily bread

might become

I will endeavour that no one near me is hungry

Now I become responsible to share my spirit as well as my food.

But most of all we reflect on whose spirit.

self organising systems seem so much more simple and understandable in the
first instance as you suggest

Kindest regards

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