Musings on the Law of Two Feet

Don Ferretti dferrett at
Wed Aug 11 12:20:57 PDT 1999

     I have to tell you that I actually love telling people about the One
     Law when opening OS. It is so refreshing and even a little scary to
     some. There is such a strong "meeting culture" that prevails where
     people have gotten used to suffering through conferences. Where
     they're minds are on what they will do when they leave more than on
     what they can do while they are there. The One Laws rocks the boat and
     actualizes personal responsibility, and makes one actually think about
     what they are about RIGHT NOW. It is perceived differently by every
     person in the room. It is hard to believe there is no reason to blame
     or judge. I love that One Law. It raises the stakes instantly. I use
     it in my daily life whenever I can. Thank you Harrison Owen for that

     Don Ferretti

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