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Thu Aug 5 13:59:10 PDT 1999

Dear colleagues and friends in open space,
when I was introduced to open space three years ago by Harrison Owen
and Romy Shovelton in Roffey Park, England I had no inkling of the
impact that it would have on my consultant carreer. In the last 35
years I passed through a number of transitions. From student
organizer to co-op organizer to union organizer to community
organizer to od-consultant and through various personal transitions.
But getting into open space is having a transformational quality that
is of another order.
After close to 50 open space events since 1996, a bunch of
orientation sessions for colleagues in Berlin and Germany, training
with Harrison here last fall for 64 participants,  Learning Circle on
Large Group Interventions and meeting with many of you at the annual
OSonOS events I became more and more estranged from my old consultant
mode and no longer felt happy in my 25 year old job as an internal
consultant with the protestant church of Berlin.
As a consequence I am quitting my old job.  I  will be on my own
starting September 1. There will be more open space in my
professional life.
Space for new projects. One will be a training that Gabriela Ender
and I will offer early next year (take a look at our new website: to address the large demand for open space
facilitators in the German speaking regions of Europe. For me the
right time to expand my activities in open space is now.
This list serve will continue to be of great support and that's why I
am writing to you all in appreciation and gratitude and promise to
keep in touch electronically and, of course, personally-------in
Whenever any of you pass through Berlin make sure to stop for a
Love, michael

Michael M Pannwitz
Draisweg 1
12209 Berlin, Germany
FON +49 - 30-772 8000     FAX +49 - 30-773 92 464

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