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Fri Aug 6 01:00:40 PDT 1999

Dear open space-colleagues,

for a few weeks I have been a new „member“ in the OSLIST.
Now I think it is time for me to introduce myself in a short way.
It is also a very good challenge for me to write in english.

So, my name is Gabriela Ender. I am 42 years old, mother of a „boy“
nearly twenty years old. I am living and working in Berlin (Germany).
Here, I was born and I still love „my“ town. One reason of course is,
that we are living in a quiet and green area of Berlin, but not far away
from the center. A good mix.

Here also I am working as a consultant and facilitator for personality,
- team and organization development. I have leadership-experience of 15
years and studied communication in the public and business sector.

About a year ago, I came in contact with open space. Quickly, I became
extremly curious of this method. Later there was an „open
space-learning-group“ that lasted half a day. From this day on , I knew,
that open space will be an important part of my „working-life“.

Also, there was a man with a grey beard, very friendly in a realy open
way. I knew him only from seeing. We were introduced by a collegue and
so it was clear: his name was Michael M Pannwitz and we had been close
neighbours for 14 years. It was very funny.

A few weeks later, it was last November, Harrison Owen came to Berlin.
And I took part in his open space-Training. It was a great experience
for me.
The philosophy of open space went into my heart. Since that time open
space has had a very big influence on my work.
Since that time Michael and I are in a continuous and intensive process
of speaking about open space, facilitating open space and developing our
own open space-training design.

That´s also the main reason why Michael and I will come to the US this
year. First, we will take part in osonos in Chicago, then visit
California for a business-appointment and then we will be participants
in Birgit Boltons open space-Training in North Carolina.
I am very excited because this will be my first time in the US.

Here an additional information about an open space-conference in Austria
this september.
Some organization consultants from Austria have organized an open space
to the question: „What are we learning for the next war in europe?“ I
don´t like this „question-design“ , because I believe in the power of
words and thoughts.
But I think this projekt is very, very good. An important theme for all
of us.
This projekt is sponsered by an radiostation and a newspaper - no costs
for the participants.
Look into : www.ig-openspace.magnet.at!
Perhaps a good challenge for you to read in german and also to come to

Unfortunately I can´t participate. But just at this time there is the
„future search learning workshop“ with Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff
in Potsdam near Berlin and I think it would be great.

So, I hope I will meet some of you in Chicago!

Warm regards to all of you

Gabriela Ender


Gabriela Ender
Institut für systemische Kommunikation (insyko)
Resselsteig 30, D - 12209 Berlin (Germany)
Fon: +49 (0) 30-772 31 69, Fax: +49 (0) 30-77 39 20 21
email: info at insyko.de, web: www.insyko.de
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