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Herrmann, Thomas thomas.herrmann at
Wed Aug 25 14:45:40 PDT 1999

Hi folks.
It seems I will get an opportunity I can't miss. I'm offered a job within
my organization (county labour board) managing 50-60 persons with the task
of supporting ethnic minorities in finding jobs. I can't see any option but
running it as an "open space organization". I have announced my interest in
attending the planned four day training session in february although it
would be great if there was a chance this year. Is there?? I've read all
there is to read on DalarAssociates homepage. I found some references but
ask anyhow what literature can best guide me furher. Is there any support
available even before the training session, Birgitt? If I decide to take
the job (and my claims are met) I will start preparations and recruitments
this fall to be ready to start operating 1 january. I will probably know
within a week or so.
I am quite excited about this!
Greetings Thomas

Thomas Herrmann
Pensévägen 4
434 46 Kungsbacka, Sweden

Tfn (+46) 0300-713 89 (home)
     (+46) 031-775 13 38 (work)

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