Heiner von Viebahn HvViebahn at
Thu Aug 26 03:47:03 PDT 1999

Hello everybody,
I´m quite new to this beautiful site and I´m enjoying our discussion and
information on OS very much, being especially interested in the question of
spirit, self - organisation and the magic of transformation in organizations.

Now, today, my question is a more technical one:
I´m living in Berlin, Germany as a supervisor and facilitator for OD. I´m
putting up an agency for and with other specialists in the field of "learning
organization", nexwerk.
I would like to provide a listserver similar to this one for internal
discussion, information and messaging. How does it work ? If anybody out
there is able to give me informations, (rismurli? :-)), please do so, it will
be helpful.
Thank you,
wish you good spirits for whatever you do today,


Heiner von Viebahn
Güntzelstraße 54
D - 10717 Berlin
Phone   0049 -30 86399933
Fax         0049 -30 86399655
nexwerk at or HvViebahn at

Cheers !

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