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Hi Audrey,

Here is the invitation for the November event in Birmingham.

I hope you don't have a conflict - We'd love to see you there :-)


You're invited . . .

Growing Our Now*
A Journey in Open Space
Beyond Our Times

The Millennium is a joke. Indeed the truly funny part is that we in the West
take it so seriously. In fact, we (in the West) can't even get the story
right. January 1, 2000 does not initiate the Millennium. That actually takes
place a year later. So why all the fuss? What's the point?

The point may well be that once again we are shooting ourselves in the
foot - confusing OUR time with THE Time. Could it not be that OUR time is
but one further example of our need for control and a pathetic reminder that
we don't have it and cannot gain it?

Our time. Our space. My time. My space. Things we struggle for, and
sometimes die for. But at the end of the day, do we really own any of it?
Perhaps it just a figment of our imagination, powerful to be sure, and
occasionally useful? But a figment for all of that.

What we truly have - all of us in every part of the planet and all beings in
the cosmos beyond - is Now. Time and Space divide. Now unites. Nobody owns
it, and truthfully, Now is all there is. We are quite clear that the past is
over and the future hasn't happened yet. What we have is Now. And how big is
now? Your Now, My Now. Our Now?

Some of us, and probably most of us some of the time, have very skinny
little nows. We struggle constantly to fit everything in. And the more we
struggle the smaller now becomes. Things just don't fit, and Time Management
is a exercise in futility.

Simplifying our lives is certainly a possibility. If only we could eliminate
all those "must dos" - and truthfully, how many of them are really

There is an alternative. Why not grow Now?

Barry and I invite you to join us, along with friends and colleagues who may
become friends, to explore the possibilities, and maybe even realize some
results - a growing Now. There is no magic formula, nor secret path. It is
really all about becoming what we already are. Creatures in the now (and
here) limited only by our willingness to expand our awareness.


Harrison and Barry Owen

 THE PLAN: The Plan, like the Millennium, is a joke, for there is no plan,
only a journey, with a beginning and an end. And perhaps there was no
beginning nor will there be an end - but all of that will be a matter of

The journey will start in the evening with a guided meditation created by
Harrison and Michael Jones, a pianist who records for NARADA. If we can
persuade Michael to come we could do it for "real," but carrying a concert
grand is a little much, so we will rely on the magic of the NARADA engineers
and an exquisite CD. The title is the title of our gathering, and
collectively we will explore our individual and collective sense of a
growing Now.

For the next two and a half days, we will be in Open Space exploring
whatever has heart and meaning for each of us and all of us. There will be
no featured speakers, panels or proceedings. Just us, and for sure whoever
comes will be the right people. From the deep resources of those who gather
a rich fabric of meaning will emerge. It always does. Please join us.


Dates: November 15-18, 1999 (reserve room for 15,16,17)

Place: Twin Pines Resort & Conference Center - Just South of Birmingham,
Phone: 205-672-7575   Fax: 205-672-2103   Website:
Space is limited to the first 40 rooms only.

Room, all meals, and all conference facilities - Single Occupancy:
Double Occupancy: $116.82/person/night

Conference Fee: We are asking $100 to cover expenses, but if that is more
than you can handle, pay what you can.

Reservations and Registration: Please make your reservations directly with
the conference center (Phone: 205-672-7575). Send your conference fee and
registration to:
Barry Owen-The Owen Group / 5518 Kendall Drive / Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: 615-356-2888  Fax: 615-263-4848  Email: barryo at

Full Participation: This gathering will not work for "drop-ins" So please
plan to come for the whole thing. That is the only way you can receive full
benefit of the gifts of your fellow colleagues, and for sure it is the only
way they can benefit fully from you.

Cancellations: In the event that your plans change please let Barry know as
soon as possible. 50% of your conference fee will be refunded up 30 days
prior to the conference.

? The title of this gathering, Growing Our Now was first used (with
modification) 4 years ago for a conference sponsored by Harrison and Anne
Stadler. That conference was a unique, once done, and never to be repeated
occasion. So this is not a sequel - or even the second annual. But we
anticipate that it will be no less remarkable. Subsequent to that
conference, Harrison published a book, Expanding Our Now
(Berrett-Koehler\1997), and created the CD with Michael Jones. The
similarities in titles and the fact that Harrison is involved with this
gathering is probably not coincidental, nor is it particularly significant.

Barry Owen
The Owen Group
5518 Kendall Drive
Nashville, TN 37209
Phone 615-356-2888

Simply living the FourFold Way in Open Space

My Worldwide Open Space Web-site:

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> I accidently deleted the dates and accommodation of the OS in
> Birmingham in November. I really want to go but I may have a conflict.
> Could someone please re-post this information. Thank you
> Audrey Coward

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Hi folks.
It seems I will get an opportunity I can't miss. I'm offered a job within
my organization (county labour board) managing 50-60 persons with the task
of supporting ethnic minorities in finding jobs. I can't see any option but
running it as an "open space organization". I have announced my interest in
attending the planned four day training session in february although it
would be great if there was a chance this year. Is there?? I've read all
there is to read on DalarAssociates homepage. I found some references but
ask anyhow what literature can best guide me furher. Is there any support
available even before the training session, Birgitt? If I decide to take
the job (and my claims are met) I will start preparations and recruitments
this fall to be ready to start operating 1 january. I will probably know
within a week or so.
I am quite excited about this!
Greetings Thomas

Thomas Herrmann
Pensévägen 4
434 46 Kungsbacka, Sweden

Tfn (+46) 0300-713 89 (home)
     (+46) 031-775 13 38 (work)

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