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Tue Sep 15 17:07:41 PDT 1998

Hi Katy,
I think the background you have is absolutely wonderful to work with Open Space from the deepest places and not just as a technique or tool. I strongly recommend taking training. I know that Harrison says that anyone with a good head and a good heart can do Open Space, and they can. Training comes in when you work with it a lot, to get at the foundation. And training comes in for all those situations that the book doesn't prepare you for, like the space you need to be in not to let "space invaders" get you and thwart the process. Training was a life changing experience for me.

Warmest regards,
Birgitt Bolton

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Subject:        OS Trainings

Dear Open Spacers,

I am new to the Open Space listserve, and was especially drawn to the
recent comments about multicultural experiences.  The Open Space
philosophy and practice clearly work wonders!

I recently shifted my life from East Coast to West Coast, and my
professional role from massage therapist/yoga therapist/yoga
teacher/stress reduction and personal balance seminar leader to being a
business consultant/trainer, looking into Organizational Development.
I'm shadowing a few consultants now (in the Bay Area), as I continue to
explore my purpose and passion.

I would like to facilitate meetings using the Open Space philosophy and
methods.  How did you learn about Open Space?  Where can I find the best

Enjoy your days,

Katy Dreyfuss

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