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Murli Nagasundaram rismurli at
Tue Sep 15 20:15:02 PDT 1998

Dear Friends,

Our colleague Michael Pannwitz in Germany has been trying to reach out to
the list for a while, but his messages don't appear to be going through.
Here are his messages.  Would appreciate if someone could address his
request.  In addition to posting to the list, please also cc: his email
address, just in case.  Danke Schon!  Murli

From: "Michael M Pannwitz" <mmpanne at>
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 23:25:34 +0200

Subject: os in an elementary school

Dear colleagues,
10 days ago I sent out a request via the oslist regarding
including elementary school kids in an open space.

There was no response yet, maybe because I mentioned that I
went on a retreat. But now I am back in Berlin and met with
the people of the school again and have some more

Elementary schools in Berlin have grades one thru six. In
this particular school there are two departments. One
teaches in a traditional classroom setting...first grade,
second grade, etc. The other department has grades 1, 2 and
3 bunched together and then again grades 4, 5 and 6. In
this department the students have considerable experience
in working with younger or with older students in one
classroom setting which reportedly leads to a markedly more
cooperative behaviour.

It is clear that teachers, parents, school administration,
technical staff and also parents that no longer have their
kids in this school and those that will have their kids
there in a year or two as well as former students (those
that went to highschool a year or two ago) will be invited
to the space which will run under the title "Future of our
school in our neighborhood".

So the question remains on whether students (which age ?)
should be invited or not. We discussed this yesterday at a
meeting of consultants working in schools and the general
feeling was that it should be tried. All of these
consultants had attended the open space on networking in
and among schools last February that was attended by some
260 people.....we had 2 students there!

If anyone of you have experience of working with schools
let me know what your thoughts are on including students.
The event will take place late in November. Expected are 40
to 60 participants (I think it will be many more). The
invitation will go out in about a week (the word is out,
though). It will take place in the schools gym from 10am to

Hope you all had wonderful spaces this last summer, see
lots of you in Monterey!
Love and space

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12209 Berlin
Tel.: 49 30 772 8000
Fax: 49 30 773 92 464

From: "Michael M Pannwitz" <mmpanne at>

Subject: elementary school students in open space

Dear colleagues,
just before leaving.
A Berlin Elementary School is conducting an open space for
teachers, parents, former students, neighborhood people
etc. I asked them whether they want to include the kids
that are in their school now. There was a discussion and
since I have only once had two students in an open space
last spring involving some 260 educators, I have no
experience either with an open space for a school nor with
including the students. I myself have a hard time imagening
an open space in a school without having the students take
Anyone out there with some experience? (this space will
take in November after Monterey, where I am sure I will
meet loads of you, in the gym of the school, the local
parent initiative is sponsoring it with heavy support from
the principal)

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