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Learning about OS happens differently for different people.  Some just pick
up a copy of Open Space Technology: A User's Guide and get started.
Participating in an OS can also help to create some understanding of what it
actually looks like in practice.  And there are workshops.

After reading an article about OS, Harrison's workshop was my starting
point.  What it gave me was a sense of the original thinking Harrison
brought to the creation of Open Space.  I came away with a respect for the
spirit that informs OS.  I continue to find that context valuable.

You can find upcoming training information on the Open Space Institute web
site at www.tmn.com/openspace

There is a session coming up in Monterey from November 17-21.  You can
contact Nancy Wolfberg at 415-726-0872  or  wolf1724 at aol.com for details.
Harrison Owen will be leading this session.

There is also a workshop coming up Nov 30 - Dec 3 in Cleveland that will be
conducted by Birgitt Bolton and Larry Peterson, both long-time
practitioners.  Birgitt's contact information is:   905-648-5775      Fax:
905-648-2262      birgitt at worldchat.com   Further details about the workshop
are on the OSI web site.

You might also consider attending the Open Space on Open Space that is
happening in Monterey on November 14-16, right before the workshop.  OSonOS
is a practitioner gathering where people bring their questions and their
experiences of OS.  The details are also on the OSI web site.

Peg Holman

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From: Katy Dreyfuss <katyd at EARTHLINK.NET>
Date: Tuesday, September 15, 1998 8:33 AM
Subject: OS Trainings

>Dear Open Spacers,
>I am new to the Open Space listserve, and was especially drawn to the
>recent comments about multicultural experiences.  The Open Space
>philosophy and practice clearly work wonders!
>I recently shifted my life from East Coast to West Coast, and my
>professional role from massage therapist/yoga therapist/yoga
>teacher/stress reduction and personal balance seminar leader to being a
>business consultant/trainer, looking into Organizational Development.
>I'm shadowing a few consultants now (in the Bay Area), as I continue to
>explore my purpose and passion.
>I would like to facilitate meetings using the Open Space philosophy and
>methods.  How did you learn about Open Space?  Where can I find the best
>Enjoy your days,
>Katy Dreyfuss

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