OS Trainings

Katy Dreyfuss katyd at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 15 08:37:55 PDT 1998

Dear Open Spacers,

I am new to the Open Space listserve, and was especially drawn to the
recent comments about multicultural experiences.  The Open Space
philosophy and practice clearly work wonders!

I recently shifted my life from East Coast to West Coast, and my
professional role from massage therapist/yoga therapist/yoga
teacher/stress reduction and personal balance seminar leader to being a
business consultant/trainer, looking into Organizational Development.
I'm shadowing a few consultants now (in the Bay Area), as I continue to
explore my purpose and passion.

I would like to facilitate meetings using the Open Space philosophy and
methods.  How did you learn about Open Space?  Where can I find the best

Enjoy your days,

Katy Dreyfuss

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