Romy Shovelton - reply to message from Brian

Romy Shovelton romys at
Wed Sep 16 19:38:57 PDT 1998

Wow Brian

what an invitation.

this Monterey space is getting extremely difficult to miss out on.

by the way I shall be in Oz from 11th December until middle or third week
in January - in WA - down south - helping my 18 year old neice with the
camel trekking business she has just bought!

I would LOVE any excuse to spend more time in Oz.  I may have lost my
residency (courtesy of the Aus. High Commission in London, and along with
many others..... a long story), and...... I still do not give up hope of
spending MUCH more time down under.

had a wonderful time on a quick visit to Sydney a couple of months ago, on
behalf of Andersen Consulting, and managed to catch up with a dozen really
good old friends (and 3 kids) in an impromptu party in my hotel room
overlooking Circular Quay and the Op. Ho.


we'll see

thanks for the good wishes


PS it's just after 3.30 AM, and I am about to have around 2 hours sleep
before getting on the road for the next gig.

just finished preparing proposal and logistical etc briefing details for
two events - one revolutionising new product development (bringing it from
18 months to 4 weeks, primarily courtesy of Open Space - all a great
experiment.......) and the other a three day Open Space for 90 nuns in
Dublin.  Lucky me.    Slightly deprived of sleep at present, however....
it's all worth it.

see you soon?!

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