OS on video

Peg Holman pholman at email.msn.com
Wed Sep 16 16:13:18 PDT 1998


I was responsible for producing the U S WEST Open Space video.  That
basically means that I made sure USW funded it.  We had some discussion
beforehand on whether the filming would be intrusive.  In practice, that
wasn't the case at all.  We let people know at the beginning what we were
doing and the crew kept their presence low-key.  The director randomly
approached people for interviews.  Throughout the process, I heard no
concerns or objections or reactions positive or negative expressed by
anyone.  The camera was essentially invisible.

I do think it is important that you be clear why you are making the video
and tell people the purpose.  That may be one reason that the cameras were a
non-issue for us.  (It was not what I would characterize as a high trust
environment getting started.)

One after the fact learning on using the footage.  We had gotten signed
releases from the people interviewed.  We didn't do anything for the rest of
the group.  OSI (US) approached USW to get the raw footage to do a different
video.  Because people hadn't given their permission, they turned us down.


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