A room in Monterey (?)

Romy Shovelton romys at compuserve.com
Fri Nov 13 02:15:24 PST 1998


the unbelievably useless Monterey Beach hotel - despite no less than FIVE
international phone calls (at my expense) + two faxes of confirmation and
requesting confirmation from them (with no response), today claim to have
no reservation for me.

I have asked them to use up your day's reservation to make my first day's
reservation - though I had reserved a garden side at $89 (rather than your
ocean side)

"I can't do that" says the duty manager.

he also has NO RECORD of any Open Space meeting/event.

so I requested he speak to someone that CAN make the changes.

no idea whether/how this is going to get sorted out.  Keeping fingers
crossed and waiting for news

most of all - sorry you won't be there.

all the best


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