A room in Monterey (?)

Buzz Blick buzz at nwlink.com
Thu Nov 12 09:19:18 PST 1998

Does anyone need a nice room at the hotel in Monterey for the OS on OS?

I will not be able to attend the Monterey get-together this weekend.  When
calling the hotel to cancel my reservation I was informed that they have a
72 hour cancellation policy.  I will have to pay the first day's room cost,
if I cannot find someone who wants to use my reservation.

If you are planning to go, have not made reservations guaranteed to your
credit card, and want to have a ocean side room ($119.00, single or
double, - I felt like splurging when I made the reservation), please send me
an email and I will transfer my reservation to you.

I sure hope that this works out for someone...I hate to let a perfectly good
room go to waste, and pay for it too!

Thanks much,


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