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Thu Nov 12 05:09:31 PST 1998

At 09:06 PM 11/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I have just done my first OS with "Walk With Women V" at HopeSprings in
>Ohio and it was wonderful.
>I am now in another situation where I think OS is a fit but could use
>some advice.
>This is with the Ohio Cancer Pain Initiative, a group that only has one
>part time staff, the rest volunteers. Their mission is to rid cancer
>patients of unnessary pain through seminars, a speakers bureau and the
>education of doctors, nurses etc.  They have made in roads and the
>original volunteers are burning out.


In terms of getting the word out -- invitation -- i would do what you are
suggesting. In addition i would ask all the folks (volunteers) in the
organization to be co-sponsors of the event, and then bring their friends
and colleagues. Of course if nobody comes, that is useful information too.
But I doubt that to be a likely occurance.
        As for getting down to substantive conclusion/actions and the like, you
might consult the 2nd edition of my User's Guide (Berrett-Koehler) in the
chapter dealing with the third day. Open Space is naturally a process of
divergence/convergence/divergence etc... and we find it very natural to
converge on the 3rd day with priority setting and articulation of next step
actions. It's all in the book. Good luck

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