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Wed Nov 11 18:06:25 PST 1998

I have just done my first OS with "Walk With Women V" at HopeSprings in
Ohio and it was wonderful.

I am now in another situation where I think OS is a fit but could use
some advice.

This is with the Ohio Cancer Pain Initiative, a group that only has one
part time staff, the rest volunteers. Their mission is to rid cancer
patients of unnessary pain through seminars, a speakers bureau and the
education of doctors, nurses etc.  They have made in roads and the
original volunteers are burning out.

They are always scrambling for funds and volunteers and are wondering if
they are really meeting a need now.  They need to hear what the issues
are in dealing with pain, explore expanding their mission from cancer
pain to pain in general and see if there is enough energy to come up with
funding and more volunteers across the state (they are concentrated in

They talked intitally about the focus being:" breaking down the barriers
to pain managaement"

Questions I have are:
INVITATIONS:  How do you get creative about finding who has passion about
irradicating pain across a State?  Keep in mind there is  no budget.
(They'll go for donations or grants to cover the event).  We brainstormed
possible organizations and institutions where there might be people but
the numbers of individual organizations is overwhelming.  They have
thought about sending invitations to professional organizations, schools
etc. but I worry that letters get lost or will die in a stack somewhere.
I've thought about the "reference Technique" Emery uses...if we had good
contacts in every part of the state to start with that might work.  What
has worked for you all?

Closure: How do you move from general discussion to the need for and/or
the role and funding of OCPI?

Thanks, Barbara

"Here too is good."

Barbara E. Sliter
Creating Works
2576 Petworth Ct.
Cincinnati, OH  45236

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