Attention!! Re: Confirmation Notices

Virginia visions at
Sun Nov 1 19:51:47 PST 1998

It is my belief that step 6 might sway the balance in anyone's favour
regardless if it's optional!  :-)

> From: Murli Nagasundaram <rismurli at COBFAC.IDBSU.EDU>
> Subject: Attention!! Re: Confirmation Notices
> Date: Wednesday, October 28, 1998 12:02 AM
> Folks, here's a way to ensure that confirmation notices don't fill up our
> space.  Our list has an automatic confirm feature which drops people off
> the list from time to time if they don't confirm participation.  I'm
> to find out how to turn this off, so that nobody has to confirm.  This is
> useful for lists that have seasonal turnover of participants, such as
> university classes.  That is unlikely to happen in our list.   In the
> meantime please do the following.
> When you receive a confirmation notice
> 1.  Open a NEW message (i.e., DON'T  reply to the confirmation notice)
> 2. In the To: field, type: LISTSERV at LISTSERV.IDBSU.EDU  (i.e., NOT
> oslist at
> 3. Leave the subject field blank
> 4. In the message area, type:
>              CONFIRM OSLIST
> 5.  Send the message
> 6.  Pray.
> The last step is optional, and will have absolutely no effect on your
> results.
> Murli
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