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John Dicus jdicus at
Fri May 15 14:02:02 PDT 1998

At 08:28 AM 5/14/98 -0400, Larry Peterson wrote:
>John:  I would suggest that we are always in some sort of "flow state" --
>that is the process of life. I know that we talk about "flow" or being in
>the "zone" as special kinds of states but I suggest they are heightened
>versions of what is.

That makes sense.  I do know, however, that the heightened version really
feels drastically different -- like a whole brain state.  When I used to
race a car (1/4) mile, things that happened in only milliseconds seemed like
they took hours to unfold.  The information that I could feed back out from
a tiny fraction of time exceeded what I could remember from the entire past
week.  It had the effect of expanding time and making more opportunity for
choice, awareness and reflection.  And it was indelibly stamped into my
every fiber.  I took a friend for a ride in the car once and he said it
exploded down the track and the road got way too narrow to drive on.  My
recollection of the same ride was that it happened in slow motion and the
track expanded.  I wonder how experience and trust help reach high learning
states -- maybe a sense of being in control too?

>I'm not quite sure why trying to find words from various places in our life
>to describe what we are experiencing is "bad". Just as I believe there are
>times when getting deeper than words, in silence is much more profound.

I'm not sure what you're getting to, but would like to understand.  Could
you expand a little to help me?

In a message a few days ago, Tim talked about transpersonal states and
moving through barriers.  It reminds me of an airplane flying subsonic.  To
reach supersonic speeds, it must move through the transonic regime where the
drag is high (in theory it is infinite, I think, but in practice it is just
very high).  The drag drops in supersonic flight.  Flying transonic is
tough.  On commercial airliners the trick has always been to delay the high
drag regime and increase the upper limit of subsonic flight.  Kind of like
being able to get closer to the edge of chaos without paying too high a penalty.

In supersonic flight -- imaging flying faster than the sounds you are
making.  What is the parallel in organizational flight?  In the high flow
state we are flying faster than the "??????" we are making?




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