LASER's / Relationships

Larry Peterson lpasoc at
Tue May 19 05:15:28 PDT 1998

I think our perception of time and space is altered when we are aware of
the "flow" and maybe time and space itself (such as the way gravity alters

As for the second comment, I was somewhat being flippant. I perceived you
to be "putting down" on your own attempts to put words around these
learning's -- too "intellectual". I understand the concern of words
becoming disconnected from realities and that stories often work better to
get at these issues--such as your good "race car" story. However, I think
Ken Wilber has done a real service in relating the "intellectual" to the
spiritual. They are complementary paths. Neither has the total key to
understanding "what is" that is beyond our ability to comprehend. So
working at all approaches in an integral way makes the most sense to me.


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