LASER's / Relationships

Larry Peterson lpasoc at
Thu May 14 05:28:10 PDT 1998

John:  I would suggest that we are always in some sort of "flow state" --
that is the process of life. I know that we talk about "flow" or being in
the "zone" as special kinds of states but I suggest they are heightened
versions of what is.  I think the laser image is good here, because there
are times when the conditions are created for self-organization that
greatly enhances what is. Photons are being emitted all of the time from
some source or another. We can create the conditions for specific emissions
and for those photons to self-organize into lasers. We can also create the
conditions in ongoing organizational process for spirited self-organizing,
for access to connections beyond our consciousness, to enhance our
consciousness of the whole organization now.

I'm not quite sure why trying to find words from various places in our life
to describe what we are experiencing is "bad". Just as I believe there are
times when getting deeper than words, in silence is much more profound.

How long can we stay in the "flow" or "zone"? How much of the time can
organizations operate in Open Space? Good questions.


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