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Joy & Tim holon at
Wed May 13 17:09:29 PDT 1998


hi, I am new to the list and I find myself intrigued by the ongoing
conversation.  I resonated with the laser analogy.  I am sure I will find it
useful in ongoing attempts to cocreate structures where body, mind and spirit
are honored.

I would like to add my perspective to the idea that relationship weaving is
always present but flow states are discontinuous. I would also call
"relationship weaving" the integrating function, the feminine aspect of the
divine, yin to name a few. This aspect occurs in every moment.  I would call a
high flow state a transpersonal, transmental or a soul stage to name a few.  As
such a high flow state requires much effort to reach and maintain, as one must
break through a chaos barrier between the existential and psychic stages.  This
endeavour is at the core of many spiritual traditions and takes years of
practice following specific injunctions.

I was intrigued when John said, "we set the conditions for high flow to
happen..."  I am very interested in hearing your injunctions for high flow to
happen, especially regarding setting the conditions for a group high flow.  Do
you consider open space a practice that sets these conditions?  Do you find that
you need to add other aspects?  What are they?

thanks for the dialoguing,

Tim Weidman

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