fear of success cont'd

Christopher Kloth kloth at tmn.com
Wed Dec 23 06:38:30 PST 1998

Dear PKaipa,

Thank you for sharing your full reaction to Birgitt's comments.  This list works
best for me when we can "hold our convictions lightly."  It works best for me when
each of us can suspend our assumptions and certainties...suspend, as in, to hang
on the end of a string in the center of the circle for all to see and examine and
describe to me what you see when I share it...so I can learn anew about what I
hold from your view.

What I also know is that my own word choice sometimes conveys a tone of judgement
that I am either unaware of or was trying to hide.  When I let my judgements get
in the way of my sharing I take responsibility for the list not working as well
for me.  I know that I added onto Birgitt's comments in a rather long-winded rant.

Again, thank you for sharing the full range of your reactions...you bless us all.

Chris Kloth

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