SV: fear of success cont'd

Michael Holdstock mike.holdstock at
Wed Dec 23 01:20:59 PST 1998

Fear of success

the fear of what may happen if I succeed.

will there still be anyone out there to love the ex-helpless me?

will they love me if I'm big and strong?

Success is:
putting behind me one more of the barriers to being that which I may be.

Change is:
being aware of the success.

On a practical level, I often find with clients that there problem is not
facilitating change,
but changing the mind-set of the one who has changed from "i can't..." to
"i can...".

It is not our change we are afraid of, but whether or not, in changing, we
shall still be acceptable to  the world that we have known.

Change means challenging the deeply-ingrained sense of acceptence of what I
am - of being loved for what I am  - not what I do.


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