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Thomas Herrmann thomas at openspaceconsulting.com
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Sounds like a great training Steve and team!
Glad to see Open Space is spreading! Wishing you good luck!
If you know anyone hungry to join a live training (in Swedish) I am offering a 3-day training in March together with my dear collegue Eva P Svensson whom some of you know. So spread the word for us too! Here’s the link: https://openspaceconsulting.com/open-space-consulting-aktiviteter/aktiviteter-anmalan/?ee=168
All the best
Thomas Herrmann

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Hi All!

I want to make a little announcement because life’s too short, and the wicked problems in our world are far too urgent, to do Open Space half-way!

I offer a training workshops for people who need to hold “full-power” Open Space that makes a real difference. In the workshop we explore how Open Space events invite change and make change that matters. It’s for experienced facilitators who want to go a little deeper, and for people who are just learning how to hold Open Space. We build open space mindsets. We don’t focus much on mechanics—you can read about the mechanics.

Will you join us? If this sparked your curiosity you can find out all the information—and apply to join the workshop cohort—at this link: https://coachingcocktails.com/osworkshop

BTW, the people who’ve already joined this cohort are already passionate about Open Space and they are experienced facilitators (like most people who participate on this list). I’m thinking this cohort’s work together is going to be be very rich and transformational itself. There’s time to add some people that are newer to open space into the cohort and I’d really love that. Of course I welcome more experienced “old-timers” too. Let me know if you have questions.

Will you join us? https://coachingcocktails.com/osworkshop


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