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Harold Shinsato harold at shinsato.com
Thu Jan 28 07:41:48 PST 2021

Thank you for the donation requests and the generous donations that have 
come in!

The Open Space Institute U.S. actually has a decent funding base right 
now. I serve as the treasurer as well as the "webmaster", and the board 
is working on a way to hold space for open space with the funds we have.

I personally will not accept any money for my volunteer work. My rewards 
from being involved with this community have been profuse, powerful and 
profound. I'm grateful for the capacity to support Open Space in this 
way. Even if it's not always smooth. Technology has a way of getting in 
the way sometimes more often than it provides a way. Ideally, this tech 
stuff would all be invisible.

I was happy and grateful to put in the effort to migrate the OSList from 
the LISTSERV platform when it stopped being free back in the spring of 
2011. It was looking like it would have cost over a $1000 US annual back 

What can you, members of the OSList, do to support us?

I'll ask that at the next board meeting, but I'll speak from my own 
heart and with my own opinion.

Think about the question Harrison Owen proposed in January of 2020 in 
his morning talks to use in New York City when we could still meet in 
person. This question was also the heart of the online Opening Space for 
Peace and High Performance from a few days ago.

    “How do we engage 8 billion people in meaningful conversation?”

Harrison thrilled us with another question a few days ago at that same 
event. I will paraphrase.
**What are the critical questions that have no answer?*


  Open Space Institute U.S.

On 1/28/21 5:15 AM, gerardo de luzenberger via OSList wrote:
> Michael lucky you - thanks for the invitation.
> Dear Doug,
> having not received any Economic Impact Payment from the Donald,
> I have donated only 30 dollars.
> Thanks so much for this precious service
> all the best
> ge
> **
> Il giorno gio 28 gen 2021 alle ore 09:56 Michael M Pannwitz via OSList 
> <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org 
> <mailto:oslist at lists.openspacetech.org>> ha scritto:
>     Dear Doug,
>     just received my Economic Impact Payment of 600$ signed by the former
>     President of the USA.
>     Well, your email came just in time to send a 100$ donation to the
>     Open
>     Space Institute-USA that they can use as they wish and I would
>     love to
>     see it go into a retirement fund of our overworked colleague in
>     Montana.
>     Here is the PayPal transfer note
>     "Hallo Michael M Pannwitz!
>     PayPal
>     Sie haben eine Zahlung über $100,00 USD an Open Space Institute (US)
>     (info at osius.org <mailto:info at osius.org>) gesendet"

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