[OSList] This list serve is antiquated big time

Harold Shinsato harold at shinsato.com
Thu Jan 28 07:24:08 PST 2021

Hi Mark,

The software we use is version 2.1.23 of GNU MailMan, which is an open 
source email distribution list management platform. Our MailMan service 
is provided for free by DreamHost.com, who also provides free webhosting 
service to the Open Space Institute - U.S. DreamHost.com has been a 
great company, and they offer free webhosting to 501(c)(3) non-profits.

I agree that the MailMan needs an major upgrade. An upgrade is not 
something offered by DreamHost, though I can install it on the DreamHost 
servers. But I hope no one thinks we are back in the "stone ages", or 
"when the internet was first invented". I treasure your passion for 
truth, but I don't like being disrespected or dishonored, especially 
with falsehoods. Here are the facts.

1) The date of the invention of the internet is somewhat fuzzy, but the 
real guy who invented the internet (standing on the shoulders of many 
others) was Vinton Cerf, who designed the TCP/IP protocols in the 
1970's. TCP/IP was accepted as the ARPANET protocol in 1983.

2) Version 2.1.23 GNU MailMan is relatively old, released in August 
2016. The latest 2.x version is 2.1.34 released in June of 2020. But it 
just minor issues. I'd like to update to version 3.3.2 (Nov 6, 2020). 
which has a more modern interface.

3) We are an EMAIL based system. For most people, it's not going to look 
very different, no matter what system we use. Everyone gets to use their 
own email program. We aren't forcing anyone to use a website, download 
an app to their phones, etc.

4) There are other closed platforms we could use. (Like GoogleGroups, 
Groups.IO, etc. etc.). These platforms do have their own community 
standards, and they do forbid certain conversations. I don't think that 
is appropriate for the main Open Space online conversation. I hope we 
can stay independent.

Mark - I am valuing your feedback. We do need a major upgrade, for 
multiple reasons beyond your personal experience of the formatting 
(which I have explained how you can fix in an earlier email). But I 
don't think you are being fair or accurate.


On 1/27/21 6:15 PM, Mark Carmel via OSList wrote:
> It is so hard to follow a thread of thought. When was this platform 
> started? When the internet was first invented? Come on folks, let's 
> catch up with a workable format.  This is in need of a major upgrade. 
> Thanks for your consideration,
> Mark Carmel

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