[OSList] help with the formatting of the OSLIST when it arrives in my Mach Mail programme

Michael M Pannwitz mmpannwitz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 00:55:49 PST 2021

Dear Doug,

just received my Economic Impact Payment of 600$ signed by the former 
President of the USA.

Well, your email came just in time to send a 100$ donation to the Open 
Space Institute-USA that they can use as they wish and I would love to 
see it go into a retirement fund of our overworked colleague in Montana.
Here is the PayPal transfer note

"Hallo Michael M Pannwitz!
Sie haben eine Zahlung über $100,00 USD an Open Space Institute (US) 
(info at osius.org) gesendet"

For those of you who forgot their highschool German:

"Hello Michael M Pannwitz!
You donated $ 100.00 USD to the Open Space Institute (US) 
(info at osius.org) "

Sending donations to OSI USA is easy, go here
> https://osius.org/content/about

scroll down a  bit and look right.

If 100 of us that received an Economic Impact Payment divert 100 bucks 
to OSI USA the retirement fund for Harold could snap up to 10.100,00 
(tenthousandonehundred) in a jiffy... or for whatever the wise elders at 
OSI USA want to use it.

Greetings from Berlin where I am pondering what to do with the other 500.
Yes, I can add some to the "Revolving Credit Fund" of the Open Space 
World Map.
In case anyone of you is not a member of the WorldMap, join (by the way, 
contributing financially to the Map is not a prerequisite for being 
listed in the Map)
Just go here
> https://www.openspaceworldmap.org/inclusion

Now, having blown the horn for the glorious OSI USA and the very fine 
World Map I expect responses galore. Now.


Am 28.01.2021 um 02:52 schrieb doug via OSList:
 > Hey folks, be kind. This list is managed by one overworked person
 > (Harold), and the cost to maintain it is paid by the Open Space
 > Institute-USA. They could use your help in the way of donations to pay
 > for it, so everyone can use it for free.
 > :- Doug.
 > On 1/27/21 8:27 PM, Michael Herman via OSList wrote:
 >> holding a space big enough for the oslist requires really GIANT naps.
 >> expect, and celebrate, apparent delays!
 >> --
 >> Michael Herman
 >> Michael Herman Associates
 >> 312-280-7838 (mobile)

Michael M Pannwitz
Draisweg 1, 12209 Berlin
++49 - 30-772 8000     mmpannwitz at gmail.com

In der Open Space World Map tummeln sich 159 Menschen, die in 
Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz mit dem open space Verfahren 
Weltweit sind es 510 aus 77 Ländern, die in 142 Ländern os verbreiten.
Mal reinschauen:  http://www.openspaceworldmap.org/

Bei Westkreuz gibts Bücher/e-Bücher, Kärtchensätze und Schätze auf 
Deutsch und Englisch zu und um open space herum, auch mehrsprachige.

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