[OSList] help with the formatting of the OSLIST when it arrives in my Mach Mail programme

Harold Shinsato harold at shinsato.com
Wed Jan 27 07:30:40 PST 2021

Hi Romy, Anne,

I don't use, nor do I recommend the "Digest" format. You can change that 
if you scroll to the bottom of every email from the OSList and manage 
your subscription. You might need to reset your password if you have 
forgotten it.

I know it means less email traffic in your inbox if you receive the 
"Digest" format, but it makes it really hard for the rest of us to know 
when you reply what email you are replying to. And the digest format 
will not be in the nice format like you want. I don't have the capacity 
to write another group email program to fix that.

Threads are a feature of your email reading program. I can turn on 
threads for my Thunderbird. By default the GMail app lists things by 
conversations, as do many others. But GMail doesn't do that if you use 
the GNU MailMan Digest feature - which jams a whole bunch of OSList 
emails into a single email. And you can't change how MailMan does the 

Hope that makes sense. And my profuse apologies for not being an active 
moderator or manager of the OSList, and that I don't reply quickly to 
requests. Sometimes I don't even see them. Many many apologies! There is 
a big chunk of work on my plate for the OSList to upgrade us to the 
latest version which should solve several problems, though I don't think 
it will solve the "Digest" problem. I'm hoping all of us can self-manage 
most of the other needs.


On 1/26/21 3:14 AM, Romy Shovelton via OSList wrote:
> Hello Harold,
> It was SO lovely to see you and be with you at the weekend. The person 
> who is behind so much work to keep us all in touch via the OSLIST… and 
> with us once again, helping with all sorts of technical magic. Thanks 
> again.
> I wonder if you might be able to help me with the way that the OSLIST 
> arrives into my Mach Mail programme? As you see below…. I receive this 
> list with duplicates of conversations through it + lots of other 
> general stuff… making it hard to pick out the thread of a conversation.
> Suzanne showed me how she receives OSLIST in her gmail account - in 
> wonderfully clear threads, where you can see responses to a particular 
> posting, and not extraneous bla bla. I tried logging into gmail, 
> rather than my Mach Mail programme, and unfortunately did not receive 
> the OSLIST in the way that Suzanne does.
> Do you have any clues about what I might do?
> Thanks again SO much
> Romy
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