[OSList] Open Space in Zoom Times - Monday 18th January 2021 - 9am Pacific Time/5pm UK time/8pm Istanbul time

Romy Shovelton romy.shovelton at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 11:46:53 PST 2021

Hello dear Friends in Open Space, 

Following my little post t’other day, it seems that a number of our wonderful Open Space community would like to gather around the issue of 'Open Space in Zoom Times'. So… here is an enthusiastic invitation for you. 😊

While there have been a number of pioneers translating the power and magic of Open Space into an online environment, there appear now to be a variety of platforms that make the experience more and more effective and impactful. Some of our community have considerable experience of holding space in a zoom world, and others (such as myself), are wanting to catch up!

YOU ARE INVITED to an Open Space on zoom:

Topic: “How do we open space brilliantly in zoom times”
When: Monday 18th Jan,  9am (Pacific Time) = 5pm (UK time) = 8pm (Istanbul time)
Join Zoom Meeting
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81366738568?pwd=TTYwUmpzRUJjTnFmSDZXOWRacm0zZz09 <https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81366738568?pwd=TTYwUmpzRUJjTnFmSDZXOWRacm0zZz09>
ZOOM Meeting ID: 813 6673 8568
Passcode: 293421


Not one but two !
On Monday, the focus is intended to be on what is needed and what works in holding space for effective conversations, using the variety of platforms that folks have experience of blending with Open Space eg. Zoom, Qiqochat, Miro, GoogleDocs, Google Slides etc etc. 
		• And…..of course, whatever is posted on the Bulletin Board, will be whatever we connect around!
Once we have shared our collective wisdom on some of what works in a practical and meaningful way…. we can join in the virtual Open Space that Karen and Harrison, (with the help of Suzanne & JuanLuis) are holding the following weekend of January 22nd - 24th - focusing on the beautiful question of “How do we engage 8 billion people in meaningful conversation?” . If you’re not already registered, here is the link: https://osius.org/civicrm/event/info?id=179&reset=1 <https://osius.org/civicrm/event/info?id=179&reset=1>
Our Roadmap

9.00 (10) Welcome; thanks to Martin Luther King on his day; OS Theme “How do we open space most brilliantly in zoom times”; roadmap of our time 
		• including time for hello waves across the zoomiverse !…. while everyone joins
9.10 (10) Explanation of how the Open Space in Zoom Time will work technically 
9.20 (30) Opening Circle 
9.50 (40) Open Space Sessions - One
10.30 (40) Open Space Sessions - Two
11.10 (15) Gathering, posting & reading of reports, while having real cups of tea … in a virtual Coffee Break (the start of all things Open Space!)
11.25 (20) Closing Circle….  to share any other thoughts, feelings and wisdom that has not yet been expressed
11.45 Open Space close…. and farewell waves

Below are the names that I have seen on the OSLIST, who mentioned being interested in taking part. I have aimed to include everyone in this email, in addition to posting on our OSLIST. Apologies to anyone who I have missed. 

Liz Martins 
Funda Oral 
Peggy Holman
Thomas Herrmann
Jeff Aitken
Ron Quartel
Gunter Morawetz
Joel Foner
Steve Holyer
Cal Austin
Jennifer Hurley
Doug Marteinson
Jamie Colston
Phelim McDermott
Christine Whitney Sanchez
Steve Holyer
Jake Yeager
Juanluis Walker
Mark Trudeau
Tom Brown
Ingrid Ebeling Ebus
Paul Levy
Barry owen
Chris Kloth 
Ron Quartel
Sylwia Myszka-Szyszk
Tom Brown
Chris Corrigan (in another meeting at that time - would like the recording) 
Anne Stadler (in another meeting at that time - would like the recording) 

Finally…. please forgive me for whatever happens (which of course is the only thing that could have !!)….. on Monday. I posted my little thought, as someone who knows nothing about opening space in zoom times/on line ! So… to be hosting this gathering on monday is a bit of a stretch ! We will arrive in Zoom together… and I trust that all those who are skilled in this world, will help out in getting us all to where we want to be !! Thank you in advance.

By the way, the zoom room will be open for an hour before and after the intended gathering time ….so if anyone would like to arrive early for a general connecting conversation, or to stay later for further conversation, you are truly welcome. After all ‘whenever it starts is the right time’ and ‘when it’s over its’ over’.  What a true genius Harrison is !!!

That’s it for now folks.

Have a wonder-full weekend….. and see you on Monday…. 

with a big smile from Wales



Romy Shovelton

Executive Director
Wikima and the 5* Tyddyn Retreat
Mid Wales Venue & Holiday Cottages

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