[OSList] feedback on virtual meetings using open space technology

Funda Oral fundaoral at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 04:30:32 PST 2021

Hi Everybody,

Here I am after many years, always in love with OST :-). I had a chance to
experience the virtues and efficiency of open, interactive organizations
for many years already.

When we were locked down at home I thought that OST can not be as efficient
as before as "physical meeting" was not possible.

However lately my opinions have changed. I think that it's much easier to
bring the whole system in one room, deep conversations are more likely to
take place safely, the circle and equality can be felt more easily.

I would like to have the feedback you get from the participants regarding
online/virtual meetings held with OST.

I always need to convince some people about OST, that's the challenge of my
life I guess :-)

Have a wonderful and healthy weekend,

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