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Dear Nathan,

if I understand you right, the second part of an OST is the same thing 
that is called Action Planning.

In your case, however, the goal seems to be to get some improved 

Now, recommendations are not actions.

If you like actions rather than recommendations, simply invite those 
that the recommendations are directed to and have them be part of the 
OST. Under that condition the results are not recommendations but 
actions that the participants present take responsibilities for and act on.

Some time after the Action Planning, perhaps 4 weeks or 8 weeks, you 
would have what is called a "Next Step gathering" in which all those 
involved in the action are invited (sometimes they bring more people 
with them that originally were not at the OST). They then would 
exchanged among each other what has been achieved up to this point and 
then plan the next step... and so forth. Have as many Next Step meetings 
as the participants want.

Back to the Action Planning: After you are through with the first part 
and people had a chance to read the Book of Proceedings (these might 
also be the reports from the break out sessions posted on pinboards or 
other devices) they would return to the circle and, similar to the 
original round of issues, would write down, read to the group and post 
"actions". Folks would then gather at the "actions" that they want to 
participate in and discuss it for a few minutes and think of what be the 
very first step they agree on to take. At this time it is a good idea to 
have your diaries with you so that folks could note the date, the time 
of day and the place where the group for a particular action would gather.

Organizing an ost with a divergent group, including all folks that are 
part of the issue, invariably leads to action and to a load of unleashed 
self organisation.
Gathereing recommendations and perhaps even prioritizing them before you 
pass them on I would only recommend if the folks wanting the 
recommendations were to pay every participant a decent fee for their 
work. That would be a test to see what recommendations are worth to them.

Have a great day and stay healthy
greetings from Berlin
Am 26.10.2020 um 08:29 schrieb Nathan Nettleton via OSList:
> Dear OST friends,
> I’m seeking your advice and suggestions on suitable processes for the 
> second part of an OST event. Let me explain the background.
> My church denominational authorities have produced a 3 page report on a 
> proposed strategy for denominational interventions in congregations that 
> are perceived to be in terminal decline. The report was produced with 
> minimal consultation and although not a disaster, seems to many to have 
> some significant shortcomings. Therefore, a group of us are considering 
> organising an OST event to bring together a wider representative group 
> to explore the issues and produce a revised or alternative report.
> I am the mooted facilitator for this event, but I am not hugely 
> experienced. I have facilitated eight previous OST events, ranging in 
> size from 10 to 75 people, including one online using the Qiqo platform.
> The first half of the event is clear enough: gathering circle, create 
> the agenda, conversations happen and produce their notes.
> But there are numerous ways of doing the second half, depending on the 
> objectives of the event.
> So I’m seeking your advice, especially if you have had experience of 
> using OST with the aim of first exploring the issues, but then 
> distilling those findings down into a two or three page list of 
> recommendations (either as a revision of an existing report or as a 
> replacement for it). What might be the most appropriate approach for 
> enabling the gathered group to turn the fruits of their earlier 
> conversation into such a set of recommendations on the day?
> I’d welcome your stories, ideas and suggestions.
> Peace and hope,
> Nathan
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