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Nathan Nettleton nathan at laughingbird.net
Mon Oct 26 00:29:36 PDT 2020

Dear OST friends,

I’m seeking your advice and suggestions on suitable processes for the second part of an OST event. Let me explain the background.

My church denominational authorities have produced a 3 page report on a proposed strategy for denominational interventions in congregations that are perceived to be in terminal decline. The report was produced with minimal consultation and although not a disaster, seems to many to have some significant shortcomings. Therefore, a group of us are considering organising an OST event to bring together a wider representative group to explore the issues and produce a revised or alternative report.

I am the mooted facilitator for this event, but I am not hugely experienced. I have facilitated eight previous OST events, ranging in size from 10 to 75 people, including one online using the Qiqo platform.

The first half of the event is clear enough: gathering circle, create the agenda, conversations happen and produce their notes.

But there are numerous ways of doing the second half, depending on the objectives of the event.

So I’m seeking your advice, especially if you have had experience of using OST with the aim of first exploring the issues, but then distilling those findings down into a two or three page list of recommendations (either as a revision of an existing report or as a replacement for it). What might be the most appropriate approach for enabling the gathered group to turn the fruits of their earlier conversation into such a set of recommendations on the day?

I’d welcome your stories, ideas and suggestions.

Peace and hope,

Nathan Nettleton
Melbourne, Australia
nathan at laughingbird.net <mailto:nathan at laughingbird.net> 
+61 403 825 024

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