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Yes, another open space with a tilt.


Warm wishes, Robyn Williams

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Sounds interesting, I read this on the website:


"The format of the Warm Data Lab is simple, even though the theory that underpins it is not. 

*	A chosen complex issue is provided by the room;
*	Start by being seated 3-6 to a table ( depending on the size of the group).
*	Each table has a “context” on it that will be the frame through which the “complex issue” is discussed at that table. (at least 6 contexts)
*	Participants (as individuals) discuss at the tables as long as they wish before changing tables. They move when they want to another table or “context.”
*	There are no time limits, or set instructions. Participants join and leave conversations as they wish.
*	The process usually takes at least an hour, and can be continued.
*	Discussion"

Sounds like the Principles and Law of OST are being used?



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Is anyone familiar or experienced with warm Data Labs (Nora Bateson)?  I’m wondering about the comparison and contrast with OST.  Your thoughts?


I’m currently participating in 5-weekly Zoom sessions intended to offer an experiential introduction to this process.


Warm Data Labs are group processes, which illustrate interdependency and generate understandings of systemic patterns for people with no previous exposure to systems theory. Warm Data Labs enable new societal responses to complex challenges.





All the best, 

Robyn Williams

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