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Hi Jeff, thank you for your interest.


Your description is pretty much my thoughts and reflections so far.


I was invited to this WDL by a dear friend, who has a glad heart and an enquiring mind, and is part of the organising group.  We’ve also chatted about OST.  


Message to Self: Don’t Over Think It


Yesterday, the second of 5 sessions, I turned up with a shift in attitude, due I believe in having committed to get out of my way J  There’s a stated aim in WDL to reach beyond one’s usual shtick (my words) when sitting in the conversational spaces.  And there’s a aspiration to allow ’warm data’ to come through, to connect and consider complex systems with grace and openness.  Lovely.  I’m reminded of Quaker circles.   


OST would be a natural next step to activate any WDL outcome beyond the space to be open. 




Robyn Williams

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Hi Robyn. I experienced one WDL and reflected on it with some other OS practitioners. 


One late night attempt to compare designs might be: it's kind of like a world cafe with a broad theme and breakout tables; but the topics at each table are prechosen as distinct contexts to inquire into, regarding the larger theme; there are no designated table or topic hosts; and the OS law of mobility is in effect, so the small groups shift in size regularly as people move and converse.


My early OS experiences allowed me to focus on the journey of learning that I was able to enjoy in the space, because these meetings were not focused on outcomes for an organization. So we all shared our learnings from our journeys into the closing circle. I found that the WDL had a similar quality to this.



Telegraph Hill, San Francisco




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Is anyone familiar or experienced with warm Data Labs (Nora Bateson)?  I’m wondering about the comparison and contrast with OST.  Your thoughts?


I’m currently participating in 5-weekly Zoom sessions intended to offer an experiential introduction to this process.


Warm Data Labs are group processes, which illustrate interdependency and generate understandings of systemic patterns for people with no previous exposure to systems theory. Warm Data Labs enable new societal responses to complex challenges.





All the best, 

Robyn Williams

M: 0424 587 262



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