[OSList] wikipedia on OS... ack!

Michael M Pannwitz mmpannwitz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 13:44:33 PDT 2020

Dear Michael,

at least it is marked as "advertisement".
Isn't it known that you cant "advertise" or even "sell" open space.
But dont worry the German version beats the  English version... garbage 
is cozy compared with the word I would use in German for the German 
version. Its the kind of word my very young grandson would respond to me 
with a stern look and the demand to go wash my mouth.
Them are tough times. Best we can do, I suspect, is to live and work in 
the simple world of open space knowing it will always work.

Lets honor what somebody in our crowd said: Never work harder than you 
have to.

Greetings from Berlin

Am 23.06.2020 um 10:22 schrieb Michael Herman via OSList:
> hallo friends,
> i've just come from wikipedia where the OS page seems to have hit an 
> all-time low.  where does this garbage come from?  a while ago there was 
> some chatter here about giving the page some help.  did that ever 
> happen?  i see chris corrigan's fingerprints on the page, quite a while 
> back.  just re-instated one of your changes that somebody had removed, 
> buddy!  did some other cleaning.  but how to keep up with the nonsense?  
> anybody want to play there and see if we can make a dent in it?
> michael
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