[OSList] wikipedia on OS... ack!

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MIchael --- same, same, same. I can only say I have seen worse. I suppose the most upsetting part is that "they"  say in the heading that it reads like an advert. That's been there for years -- the problem, I assume, is that the world of Open Space is so "strange and wonderful" that it couldn't possibly be ... so when you do a simple description it might well sound like an hallucination. Given what I know and have experienced in "standard" meetings and facilitations over the years, I agree totally. I'm not sure how you could change that -- except I do say, "Try it, you might like it."  It could even be weirder that you anticipated. Be Prepared to be surprised!

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hallo friends, 
i've just come from wikipedia where the OS page seems to have hit an all-time low.  where does this garbage come from?  a while ago there was some chatter here about giving the page some help.  did that ever happen?  i see chris corrigan's fingerprints on the page, quite a while back.  just re-instated one of your changes that somebody had removed, buddy!  did some other cleaning.  but how to keep up with the nonsense?  anybody want to play there and see if we can make a dent in it?

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