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Jake Yeager jacob.yeager at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 15:29:39 PDT 2020

Hi everyone!

I am drafting a proposal for a continuous Open Space operating process for
the OD team that I am on. The team is nine people.

I reference Birgitt's article on Wesley Urban Ministries:

I also reference these notes I took on the Youth for Europe case study by
Hans-Georg Wicke:

Some questions I'd love to hear your thoughts on:

   - Within a continuous Open Space container, do you think that all
   meetings among the group should be announced to everyone? That is, should
   everyone be invited to every meeting? What happens if two people just want
   to have coffee and catch-up? In the Youth for Europe case study, the
   convener of the meeting determined whom to invite, which might not be
   everyone. It's like a mini-Open Space, rather than a meeting within an Open
   Space. But it can also get cliquish that way, and it seems less transparent.
   - Is it beneficial to have a theme? It doesn't seem like either
   organization had a theme in the case studies for the overall Open Space.
   Perhaps their purpose was their theme... In Youth for Europe, there was a
   theme for individual meetings, i.e., the mini-Open Spaces.
   - Any suggestions on how to handle push notification overload? So many
   meetings might start getting called that people's inboxes are stuffed, and
   they tone out.

I am pretty sure I'll have more questions later. :D

Thanks ahead of time!

All the best,

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