[OSList] Mahoning Watershed & Garden Conversation

Tony Budak tonybudak at tbmw.org
Thu Apr 16 23:23:58 PDT 2020

    Come join us in the Gardens! Share the link. Invite others.

Yes the Virtual Gardens are open to welcome you for meaningful 
conversations about how we create happiness and navigate these 
challenging times. You can stroll through beautiful gardens of the world 
quietly, you can join topics that may be of particular interest to you 
or even create your own topics to engage with people from around the 
world. We are using a trailblazing combination of technologies using 
Qiqo Chat and Zoom. A Virtual experiment that we would love to have you 
experience. You can drop in any time, stay as long or as little as you wish.

      We hope you’ll join us weekly on Saturdays, at 11:00 A.M. EST
      at the Mahoning Watershed & Garden Conversation

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