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The new Space Race:

Thank you Michael. For offering the perfect  invitation! What I’m noticing
is that the words “I Care“ are absolutely crucial today in the self
organizing that is happening: happening to benefit others as well as
self-as you pointed out.

The Law of Two Feet is take responsibility for what you Care about (as I’ve
always explained it.😘)
People are doing this. It is easy to work with them to offer the simple
patterns of OST to help them get done what they want to do. It is easy for
them to perceive that this is how things work and to ask the next question:
how do we create the system that ensures this keeps happening? I am
participating with several groups of multi-age, multi-everything  people
who are doing that. So I’m speaking from observation/experience.

For us, it’s LIVE Open Space now. Offer Your gifts wherever you’re
attracted to go. While you do the work that is right in front of you, ask
the meta questions help people become aware of what system is actually
working for them AND listen to what all your comadres and compadres are

For me, it’s back in the day, before the corporate world became the most
wealthy & fascinating place to work in. It’s actually how we used to
organize ourselves. (Those days of experience are one of the things that
caused me to recognize the tremendous value of what dear Harrison Owen
brought forward.)

We have so much to offer & to learn!! Let’s use the Law of Two Feet (Acting
on “I Care”) right where we live. AND swap stories about how our
experiences reveal the systems & practices that serve the NEW WORLD that’s
coming into being. Love, Anne

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>    1. The New Space Race? (Michael Herman)
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> Hi all,
> I had a thought recently that might be interesting here, and that maybe you
> can add on to, as a story and conversation here.  And then in the world.
> This overlaps with some other recent threads, too, I think.
> As background, I'm exactly old enough that the moon landing is, as best I
> can tell, my oldest memory.  I've seen pictures of stuff that happened
> before, but I clearly remember the space toys being given away at gas
> stations, our family buying our first color TV, and (just like now) keeping
> our distance... in that case we were supposed to stay six feet from the new
> set.
> >From that global moment came all kinds of "big blue marble" photos, Bucky
> Fuller's "Spaceship Earth," and other images.  Now we had a picture of "all
> in this together" where "all" really was every human.  And then, a few
> decades later, we've created a global network, a global economy, and global
> epidemics.  Not everyone made a direct, conscious connection about those
> images from space, but somehow we all grew up participating in the creation
> of these global structures and phenomena.
> Now I think we might have a chance to accelerate our swing back, to the
> micro, the local, the individual in equally strong, long-term ways.  It
> took us a while to get there, but the message coming clearer now is "wear a
> mask," for instance, "to protect others..."  And inside of that, this seems
> like a visceral reminder that "what you, the little individual does -- does
> matter."  It matters with masks and the virus, but it can be, and I hope it
> will be, quickly translated to the plastic we use, the miles we drive, the
> other things we purchase and reinforce with our money, the way we manage
> emotions in groups, and so on.  It matters for everyone to manage their own
> "stuff," their own behavior, purchases, words, and other choices.
> This is what I hope we might be learning, anyway.  And within all of the
> possibilities, choosing to take responsibility for one's own experience,
> actively choosing to be learning and contributing, seems to me about the
> best choices we could focus on, each of us, individually and personally.
> What we've been saying all along, in various ways, that individual agency
> and actions matter, seems more important and understandable that ever.
> This makes me curious if and how what is happening now with the virus and
> what we've all been teaching and practicing and inviting "in open space,"
> might shape the world over the next few decades.  I wonder what kind of a
> world might emerge from increasing awareness of personal agency,
> responsibility, learning and contributing, in meetings and everywhere
> else.
> This is one good thing I have imagined could emerge from this.  This is the
> view I'm testing as I watch the news and talk with clients these days.
> What do you think might come out of the current situation, on any scale?
> And is there anything else to do about helping it along, for now, wherever
> we are?
> Michael
> --
> Michael Herman
> Michael Herman Associates
> 312-280-7838 (mobile)
> MichaelHerman.com
> OpenSpaceWorld.org
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