[OSList] Mahoning Watershed Garden Conversations

Tony Budak tonybudak at tbmw.org
Sun Apr 12 00:10:09 PDT 2020

I'm very Happy, super learning exchange took place! Five gathered to 
blather, lasted almost two hours, three others had Zoom issues, so they 
left after failed attempts.

Thanks again for creating our tomorrows, 
Tony Budak,
Convener at TimeBank Mahoning Watershed <http://tbmw.org/>

On 4/10/2020 5:09 PM, Tony Budak via OSList wrote:
> Hi There, Welcome to conversations at a virtual garden habitat. 
> TimeBank Mahoning Watershed is hosting scheduled interactive
> discussions  under a theme concept and no specific topic agenda.
>   * Why: We believe that the role of leaders today is changing from
>     heroes to hosts.
>   * How: We are hosting conversations for leaders to listen, learn,
>     and lead.
>   * What: Our purpose is to host safe harbors of thoughtful conversations
>     where people develop both the clarity and commitment to lead.
> If you're like me and not keen on typing, TBMW & Qiqo co-created 
> *Mahoning Watershed Garden Conversations* a website that provides free 
> online web conferencing for those of us interested in talking about 
> ideas. The site, based on learning visits to Natural Habitats or 
> Gardens, is a new take on the old chat room model and is available 
> 24/7. The Watershed with it's Gardens is relaxing and stress free. You 
> can use this site for communicating with the public or each other 
> about ideas that matter
> So let's chat up each other. Keep in mind the URL landing page, 
> Mahoning _Watershed and Qiqo _account runs _concurrently_ with your 
> _Zoom_ account*(on two separate TABS)*. This allows Drop ins and 
> Guests with open agendas or Topics meet at the Watershed and Gardens.
> When a two some or three some wish to deeply explore a topic Guests 
> simply decide where to meet and click move i.e., from the Watershed to 
> a chosen Garden. Then close Zoom and reopen a new Zoom in that Garden 
> and continue chat on your focused topic.
> **Tony Budak will co-host a Garden Conversation tomorrow Saturday, 
> April 11, 2020 at 11:00 A.M. EST. Simply CLICK the following: 
> *Mahoning Watershed Garden Conversations* at 
> https://mahoning.qiqochat.com/ 
> <https://tbmw.mx-router-i.com/c/v41zz9/a3ukhb-3/jplvryjkvdg>
> Can't wait to hear from you. Best Wishes
> TonyBudak at TBMW.org <mailto:TonyBudak at TBMW.org>
> 330 716-2722
> P.S. TBMW's message being that “if you help build the collective 
> capacity of your Learning Network, your Learning Network will help the 
> development of your individual capacity”. Unpaid work, meeting, 
> learning and labor time are eligible for spendable points as 
> exchangeable Time Credits to those that join the Network at 
> *www.tbmw.org <http://www.tbmw.org/>*
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