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Dearest Skye,

Thank you for the gift of what you wrote. You captured in words (how is
that possible?) the beautiful ineffable spirit of this upcoming gathering
and of Open Space.

I arrived at Cherry Hill Park late yesterday. Here to indulge in 3 days of
pre-WOSonOS learning and sharing with Thomas Herrmann, Anna Caroline Turk
and other participants.

I feel myself arriving like an empty vessel, wishing to listen, hear, feel
and be with each and all who will be here and others like you Skye who are
so present from afar. Seeking to quiet my mind, to temper my emotions, to
let the days unfold as they will. Peacefully, quietly. It's not easy. A mix
of grief and anticipatory joy.

Impossible to ignore the
confusion, the very real pain, chaos and yes distractions of so much
happening in the world. Impossible to not feel the urgency to be doing, to
be doing more, helping, speaking out, and taking action.

Tis not always easy to give ourselves permission to discover and savor each
other. And yet I believe that it is in the joy of that togetherness, that
our spirits lift and that we lift others, now and beyond this circle. It
where the Aliveness happens.

In the end, no better guide for me this week, as part of the beautiful
ineffable, than the five principles of Open Space, the one law and a Be
Prepared to be Surprised!

So thank you Skye, for the love of what you sent. And for who you are for
us and others. You will be holding the space at a distance, in Maine, that
special place that Harrison also calls home!


On Mon, Oct 21, 2019, 7:43 AM Skye Hirst via OSList <
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> How does Open Space Technology help us experience harmony, wholeness?  This
> may well be the most ineffable idea in today’s busy world.  Life seems to
> present moments of such harmoniousness and we may notice them when they
> happen and then forget them.  They don’t get highlighted as something
> possible on any dependable scale, so they get passed over, dismissed as a
> “nice” experience but most likely we don’t share them.  However, the
> artists among us will capture them through their medium. We love the
> feelings this work gives us, this reminder of those numinous realities.
> What happens in OST?   What are those realities we experience more often
> than not while participating in a concentrated time around an invitation
> question, an urgency, a group of people sitting in circle, creating an
> agenda and sitting with questions, getting to deeper ones?
> I believe OST is micro of a macro reality that life’s organism ways
> provide for us in every moment.  “Come to the circle, tell us your tale,
> you are not the only one who is hurting.”  This phrase from a song
> written in the 80s by a friend, speaks of the power of OST.  There is
> something so powerful about being reminded, you get to choose how and where
> and when you give your attention.  It has been called an antidote to the
> world of hierarchical dominating meetings, work life and organizationally
> dead structures.
> So I say, I want to capture the ineffable, but how silly that is.  And
> yet, we can point to shared experience, to knowledge that goes beyond
> words, to celebrate this most amazing, awe-generating process abiding in
> living structures, living “becoming” events that are *alivenmaking*.  Let’s
> listen for the harmonies, for the moments of felt sensing our wholeness,
> our unity, and our differences at the same time.  This is a “both and
> world,” not an “either/or” one.  It takes work only in that we remember
> what we can easily forget with distractions and constant “busy-ness.”  Notice
> when those moments of peacefulness enter into the “field” when we take a
> long breath and let it out fully, sitting with one another without needing
> to fix or change ourselves, or the other. What are your experiences of
> “fulfillment” of listening in to deep knowledge of being alive?
> One OST participant spoke of it as something one cannot talk about, but to
> experience it is to have lived, feeling aliveness and we want it more and
> more. Then we want others to have the experience so we try to talk about it.
> I say, “Come to the Circle, tell us your tale, you are not the only one
> who is hurting.”
> The storyteller tells his tales and we remember those times his stories
> happened in our lives, or we make sense of a story we have not understood
> about our tale. Then we begin again with a new story.  Keep coming to the
> circle, telling us your tales, one and all.
> Blessings to all this week for great WOSONOS in DC.
> Song *Healing Circle* is by Julia Hickory 1984, Album Joyful Noise and
> Friends *Birdsong Morning*
> *Healing Circle*
> Come to the Circle
> Listen to our tales
> You will find you’re not the only one who’s hurting
> And the light may shine in
> This is where we begin
> The magic of our healing
> Alone in your room, you think you’re the only one
> And you’re wondering if your might be crazy
> So you lock all the pain and the shame deep inside
> And your skies are always dark and hazy
> But if you Come to the Circle
> Tell us your tales
> The light will shine in,
> This is where we begin
> The magic work of our healing.
> You are not unimportant, we need all the words
> And the melodies to harmonize
> The darker the shadows, the brighter the sun
> And your tears are the stars in our eyes.
> So won’t you Come to the Circle
> Tell us your tales
> And the light will shine in
> This is where we begin
> The magic work of our healing
> --
> *Skye HIrst, PhD*
> *Autognomics*
> *Conversations in Radical WholeKnowing*
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> *"There is no final fact." * Alfred North Whitehead
> *"Nature ever flows, stands never still. Motion or change is her mode of
> existence."*
> *- Ralph Waldo Emerson*
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