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Chris Kloth chris.kloth at got2change.com
Sun Oct 6 13:26:40 PDT 2019

Jake, thanks for the post

I'm in general agreement with the idea that OST is not a thing; it's a 
way of looking at the world around us and finding satisfying ways to 
work in it. (I resist turning too many nouns into verbs!  :-)  )

I also agree that many (most?) clients either don't know the term, 
misunderstand it, and don't care much about methodology... at least not 
at first.  They want a better understanding their own situation and 
figuring out what, if anything, to do about it. They also want to get a 
sense of how we might be helpful.

I prefer to talk in terms of outcomes or creating new narratives more 
than solving problems.

I do share the core values and beliefs that inform how I view the world 
and work with client systems. Those values, beliefs and methods have 
been informed by the likes of Harrison, Meg Wheatley, Carolyn 
Lukensmeyer, Barbara Bunker, David Cooperider, Barry Oshry, Marv 
Weisbord, Fred Emery, Bob Rehm, Ralph Copleman, Lisa Kimball and June 
Holley... to name a few.

I am looking forward to our gathering in October. I used to be a regular 
in the early days, and have maintained my connection with you all 
through this list.


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On 10/4/2019 7:34 PM, Jake Yeager via OSList wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Some thoughts that might stimulate conversation:
>   * Open Space is not a "thing": it's a way of working. Open Space is
>     probably more properly a verb, such as "We're open-spacing..."
>   * Minimize the use of the term "Open Space": it's alien to most
>     people, and it reinforces the notion that it is a "thing" that you
>     "do"
>   * Let an organization give this way of working it's own name if it wants
>   * Focus on the problems I can help an organization with and on
>     possible outcomes: do not focus on the process
>   * Discuss my fundamental beliefs with the client
>      1. Everyone wants to participate in creating their own future
>      2. All answers are within
>   * How to make sure you work in alignment with belief #1 (from Meg
>     Wheatley)
>       o Everyone who cares is invited
>       o Everyone dialogues and connects with many others
>       o Everyone creates the organization's future
> Have a great weekend!
> All the best,
> Jake
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