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Birgitt Williams birgitt at dalarinternational.com
Fri May 3 13:22:53 PDT 2019

Hi  François,
The initial reason that I created the prototype that became the Genuine
Contact program (international Genuine Contact Organization at
www.genuinecontact.net) was based on my experience of multiple OST meetings
in the same organization. Among the modules that we would teach in house in
organizations was Working With OST. We believe on developing the skills and
capacity in house to facilitate the primary three methods that we use
almost exclusively: Whole Person Process Facilitation, Open Space
Technology, and Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution. Because the skills and
capacity are in house, many organizations that we are our colleagues have
been involved in make frequent use of OST.

They do not use OST exclusively. They make more use of Whole Person Process
Facilitation for meetings, with careful choice of when they want to include
an OST meeting....guiding themselves with the conditions for which OST is
most appropriate. I learned during the early 1990's when I was the senior
leader of an organization, that using only OST for meetings didn't work. At
the request of my staff, we interspersed OST meetings with what I developed
as Whole Person Process Facilitation...still a method for maximum
participation, yet allowing for segments of the meeting to be guided.

I know of no organization that uses OST facilitation for decision making.
By its nature with non-intervention by the facilitator, it is unclear to me
how one could carry out decision making within an OST meeting. There was a
tag on to an OST meeting that I first observed about 1995 working with
Harrison Owen in which prioritization and voting could take place. I have
not considered that the shift to the prioritization and even voting was
part of the OST meeting itself.

I discovered that having an OST meeting plus a tag on facilitated segment
of prioritizing and voting was not sufficient congruent for my clients. I
then started using Whole Person Process Facilitation as both a facilitation
method and as a container. Within this container, it is common to place an
OST meeting with the OST meeting facilitated as taught by Harrison Owen.
For example, a one week gathering of a multi-national organization with
representatives from eighteen country offices for the purpose of strategic
planning that included prioritization and decision making. The container
for the five days was Whole Person Process Facilitation. On Day Two and Day
Three an OST meeting complete with closing of the OST meeting and its usual
high enthusiasm. Then on Day Four continuing on within the WPPF container
until our close on Day Five. On days three and four we formulated the vast
quantity and quality from the OST meeting into themes, priorities, and
decision making and more. When we got to the decision making segment, still
within the WPPF container, we used the great decision making method
developed by our friend, the late Chris Weaver. The decision making method
Five to Fold was also congruent for people who loved the chance for the
voice of each and every person to matter, and for passion to matter.

In the days that followed the strategic planning, self selected members
participated with us in learning Working with OST, and in learning Whole
Person Process Faciliation...skills and capacity being established in
house, world wide.

My perspective...there are countless organizations using OST on a regular
basis as the skill and capacity for facilitating their own meetings is
in-house...this is bigger in scope that a list could capture.

in genuine contact,

*Birgitt Williams*
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Whole Person Process Facilitation
  is a simple to learn and use multi-purpose method for facilitating
meetings at work, in communities, in families. Whole Person Process
Facilitation meetings engage people in process, results, and
implementation.  Self study components as well as real time online learning
sessions are designed to meet the learning needs of adult learners. The
real time sessions start Friday May 3, 2019 for three consecutive Fridays.
If you are looking for a facilitation method for impactful meetings that
work, we recommend learning Whole Person Process Facilitation.

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working with change, learning more about thriving in today's performance
environment of constant change.

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membership model. I hope that you will become a Trail-Blazing Member,
adding your support to the growth of Genuine Contact in the world...and
there are membership benefits that are sure to make this worth your

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On Fri, May 3, 2019 at 6:42 AM Francois Knuchel via OSList <
oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:

> Hi all.  Do we have a record somewhere of businesses and organisations who
> are using OST internally on a regular basis?  By regular I mean either a)
> as their basic mode of operation (e.g. where all major pan-organisational
> decisions are made in OST), or b) for specific purposes, e.g. innovation
> hackathon, stakeholder dialogues, change management, where OST is the
> default approach, rather than being a one- or two-off event.  In both cases
> regularly over several years.
> There are plenty of examples where OST has been applied but on a one-off
> basis, i.e. where OST is the exception rather than the rule.  I’m looking
> for those organisations where OST (or similar, i.e. a contextualised form
> of OST) is the default mode.  Is there such a record, has someone compiled
> such a list, do we know of such an archive? (Do they even exist?)
> If not, then I’ll be happy to initiate one, but I don’t want to reinvent
> the wheel (one thing less to do), so if something already exists I’d
> appreciate hearing about it.  Please let us know.  Many thanks.
> *François Knuchel*
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