[OSList] OST as a way to go in addressing climate change perils

Michael M Pannwitz mmpannwitz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 15:33:00 PST 2019

Dear Alan,

re your question of February 20:
"I wonder if you see that drawing to the attention of the young people
at issue that OST principles and practices could be a way to enable them
to move forward?"

here my musings:
Here is the wikipedia.org entry on School strike for climate
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_strike_for_climate

The next opportunity in probably thousands of places in the world to 
talk to them is on March 15 of this year. Wikipedia reports:
"Friday 15 March is expected to be the most widespread of strikes, with 
tens of thousands of children in at least two dozen countries and nearly 
30 US states projected to walk out of school, supported by some of the 
world’s biggest environmental groups."

It seems to me that the aim of the strikes is to get governments 
everywhere to "reduce carbon emissions as per the Paris Agreement". And 
getting organized is not their problem and they are being heard. And 
they are obviously enabling themselves.

And it would not surprise me to see all kinds of activities in many 
areas supporting the same goal. Folks in Adelaide could refuse to drink 
wine or commit other offenses on Fridays, Berliners to not eat even a 
morsel of bread every Friday, Parisiens to simply stay home on Fridays, 
churches everywhere could ring their bells every Friday... stuff like 
this will happen without OST.

What I do know, however, is that many people who have been part of 
gatherings that used ost (in schools, in hospitals, in parishes, in 
youth organisations, in neighborhoods, in foundations, in international 
peace projects, in community organisation projects, regional 
development... in government agencies, in businesses...) will remember 
this for a long time, maybe forever. And they will seek out the nearest 
or dearest or whatever os-worker and find out whether their wicked 
challenge could profit from ost.

Greetings from Berlin and enjoy your favorite beverage in Adelaide or 
wherever you are before climate change wipes it out


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