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Lucas Cioffi lucas at qiqochat.com
Sun Feb 10 07:53:06 PST 2019

Hello Jake,

It's exciting to hear about your plan for OS online.  Here's my sales
pitch: QiqoChat might be a better fit for you than WebEx, because it makes
it easy for people to move themselves between video breakout rooms.

Yesterday I ran an hybrid online + in-person event which had some elements
of Open Space but we didn't describe it as Open Space.  There were 24
people in-person and 8 people online event.  It lasted 1.5 hours.   The
group was NEXUS for Change in Ohio.  The goal for the event was to explore
how to blend online & in-person participation.

We used the "liberating structure" called 1-2-4-All to choose 2 rounds of
breakout session topics.  This was the prompt: "What is the one question
that if I had an answer to it today, it would make all the difference
tomorrow?"  We used QiqoChat to let people move between breakouts.

If you skip to 37:44 that's when people start returning to the main online
space to discuss what they learned and felt during the experience.

Here's the video recording
<https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HHo73s35EC3uKi6tLikfghi-XOG_yYHz>.  If
you'd like to read the breakout room notes, visit the event page
create a free account, and then click "participate".

Lucas Cioffi
Founder, QiqoChat
Scarsdale, NY

On Sat, Feb 9, 2019 at 7:41 PM Jake Yeager via OSList <
oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I attended the Peace and High Performance workshop in January. Another
> attendee, Regina Kang, inspired me to try Open Space at work in a similar
> fashion as she facilitates it in South Korea.
> The group that would participate is a single analytics team. It is
> comprised of about 30-35 people and is split across three sites. There are
> both managers and analysts, and I am a member on the team. I have pitched
> this to my manager, who is the highest ranking team member, and she is on
> board. Because we are at different sites, I propose holding the Open Space
> virtually.
> Also, we would hold an Open Space prior to the monthly meetings in order
> to introduce everyone to Open Space. We're still working out the details on
> this.
> I'd love feedback on my proposal below. One question I have is regarding
> the theme. I propose that the theme be simply "How can we...?" The team
> member can fill in the ellipsis when convening sessions. What do you think?
> Let me know if you have questions.
> Thanks!
> All the best,
> Jake
> *Lending Analytics in Open Space *
> Proposal (aka the Regina Kang Solution)
> Feb 7, 2019
> ·         Why?
> o   To collaborate on common, complex challenges that we face
> o   To leverage passion
> o   To innovate
> o   To encourage taking responsibility for solving problems and moving
> into action
> o   To build rapport and enhance communication
> ·         What?
> o   Theme = “How can we…?”
> o   Team members post sessions to Sharepoint prior to the designated time
> o   Five Principles and One Law
> §  Whoever comes are the right people
> §  Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
> §  Wherever it happens is the right place
> §  Whenever it starts is the right time
> §  When it’s over, it’s over
> §  The Law of Two Feet
> ·         Who?
> o   All team members are invited
> o   Attendance is voluntary
> ·         When?
> o   Once a month
> o   Blocked for 1-hour, but we communicate that “when it’s over, it’s
> over”
> ·         How?/Where?
> o   Sessions held in WebEx. The convener uses his or her WebEx account
> and posts this on the Sharepoint when convening the session
> o   Team members can move from session to session if they want
> o   The convener ensures that notes are taken during the session
> o   Session notes are available to everyone
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