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The Ignite Video Challenge: From Camera Shy to Camera Confident in 30 Days is starting tomorrow.


Hey friends in OST,

I participated in a free online video course some months ago, which helped me to become so much more comfortable with creating videos. This is all about being genuine and heart-centred, so if creating videos (for your blog or website or…) is intriguing to you, please check this out.

I am going to participate a second time, as the first time around I grew so much…


PS: No, I don’t get any recommendation fee, I just loved what the course provided.
That’s why I can recommend it whole-heartedly. I also love being of service to you :)
And I love what you stand for, so I want it to be seen in the world!


The Ignite Video Challenge: From Camera Shy to Camera Confident in 30 Days is starting tomorrow.
This is your opportunity to get comfortable on camera, while learning piece by piece how to create great videos that create impact and connection (wooooohooo! right?)

If you want to take part this round there is an important action step you need to take ASAP!

Click here to get all the info and register for the challenge. <https://el2.convertkit-mail2.com/c/k0ug2zvd2f6h35lwe/e0hph7h2n6849/aHR0cHM6Ly9saWdodGl0dXB2aWRlby5jb20vaWduaXRlLw==>

This is going to be a VERY special round of the challenge as it’s grown so big that this is the FINAL time it will be offered for free (for the foreseeable future).
We've had thousands of people go through our challenge, and people love it so much they keep coming back. 
“I am SO excited, I can’t wait! I’ve made so much progress with my videos by doing this amazing challenge last time – I went from deer in the headlights to doing my own challenge this week, and I just recorded 5 videos of 23 minutes each…Thank you SO much Niamh for doing this once again!”
~ Claudia Svartefoss (Bestseller to Business Success Coach)
To accommodate the enormous growth of the challenge, but still retain our intimate and connected atmosphere we introduced "Circles", groups within the group which provide extra support and connection. You need to actively register for THIS ROUND to get a circle assignment and be able to participate.

(You are welcome to join if you've done it before or haven’t, started and stopped, never turned on a camera, don't have a business... basically everyone is welcome. If you want to get comfy on camera and learn about video, find out more and sign up:  https://lightitupvideo.com/ignite/ <https://el2.convertkit-mail2.com/c/k0ug2zvd2f6h35lwe/75u7h8hm4qrzv/aHR0cHM6Ly9saWdodGl0dXB2aWRlby5jb20vaWduaXRlLw==>.)
I'm beyond excited. This is already gearing up to be the best challenge yet! 
However you feel (nervous, scared, excited, a mix?) it's all normal, and you absolutely CAN transform it. 
“This challenge is sooo amazing. OMG it is gold! Pure gold! My youtube channel is up and running. Wow oh woweeee. I never would have accomplished this without your help and all the help of the other challengers! Somehow I found the honey pot, as they say.”
 ~ Diane Mathias (Artist, Writer, and Facilitator)
The challenge is the perfect place to be.
Lots of Love,
“This is the greatest experience! It’s more than just getting comfortable on camera. It’s being part of a fantastic group, making friends and getting used to being yourself on and off camera.”
~ Barbara Dahm (Certified Fluency Specialist)
P.S. If you don't know what the heck The Ignite Video Challenge is... here's the details:
It’s a 30 day Free challenge to help you get comfortable being yourself on camera, and learn how to create great, simple, yet powerful low-tech videos!
Each weekday of the challenge you get a recording tip to help you frame, light, and get the most out of your video equipment… AND you get a prompt so you know what to talk about!

Then you record a 2-minute video and share it with your circle in our private Facebook group.

This way you can practice and learn in a totally safe space!

It’s starting on Monday September 24th… so jump on in! <https://el2.convertkit-mail2.com/c/k0ug2zvd2f6h35lwe/o2ikhqh78p2o3/aHR0cHM6Ly9saWdodGl0dXB2aWRlby5jb20vaWduaXRlLw==> 

What Past Challengers are Saying:
“About 4 months ago I started making videos for my business (that I was actually in, not just directing), which has been I really important new way I am communicating with people... My classes went from being all text based, to having lots more video which has been way more effective for me. And it all started because I did a free 30-day video challenge…It was amazing for me, and in 30-days gave me a whole new skill, that I now rely on ALL THE TIME.”
~ Christina Empedocles (Artist and Financial Mentor)
“Loads of people panic when they see "Facebook live" or any type of video because they think they need to be "perfect" before going on camera! If you've seen my videos you'll know that you certainly don't have to be perfect! "But you're so brave" people tell me...here's the truth bomb....I'm not, but I DO have tools that have helped me feel pretty good on video. One of those tools was a 30 day video challenge with the very beautiful and down to earth Niamh Arthur.”
 ~ Julie Cowan (Online Entrepreneur)
“I went from being overwhelmed and feeling awkward and with lots of worries about technical challenges of making video to REALLY enjoying it… she teaches you how to make really nice videos without expensive equipment. You are in small learning groups that are very friendly. You don’t ever need to have made a video in your life!”
~ Angela Knowles (Authentic Communications Coach)

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